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Welcome to Jamaica Garden Castle

The home of a stunning simulation of Jamaica in the USA

Contoured in concrete to underscore the strength of the relationship between the United States and Jamaica, one will find a unique monument. One may think that some architectural firm was commissioned to design this artifact.

Be prepared to be surprised!

Listen to Professor Morgan's Words

Donald and Ruby Morgan
This replica was imagined, designed, constructed, and formally dedicated in 1980 by Donald and Ruby Morgan.

Professor Morgan is a retired professor of sociology, and the late Mrs. Morgan was an executive administrator associate at the World Bank.

This simulation of Jamaica in the United States was conceived and brought into fulfillment by this couple in 1980.

The Morgans, who emigrated to the US in 1961, wanted folks from American and beyond to have a vivid and visual expression of Jamaica.

The flags of both Jamaica, and the USA, unfurling in the gentle breeze is an eye-catching magnet, 24/7 of the replica. This couple expressed their love of country and combined that with their embrace of their new home.
This replica is found on at Jamaica Garden Castle, their home at 1201 Kalmia Rd. in Shepherd Park, Washington DC.

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Washington is known for its many memorials, and this one has been a magnet to many.

Thousands of visitors have enjoyed this enduring monument. International visitors from places such as Australia, United Kingdom, Japan, Holland, Korea, Iceland, Norway, and Russia have experienced Jamaica through this simulated model. School children have also visited to learn about the geography and history of Jamaica,
The piece is entitled the Jamaica Garden Castle in the USA.
It is 60 feet by 14 feet in dimension.
It depicts Jamaica’s rugged coastline, majestic mountains, swift flowing rivers, underground lakes, mineral baths, waterfalls, exotic tropical vegetation, glorious beaches, winding roads, and romantic railways.

In addition, there are complementing pieces honoring Bob Marley, and a tribute to President Ronald Reagan who furthered the partnership between Jamaica and the USA through the Caribbean Basin Initiative in 1982.

This relationship was further underscored by President Obama’s visit in 2015 to strengthen Caribbean bonds and to meet with the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt.
This replica has received much media attention both in print and in video.
Media Coverage
On August 2, 1983, and January 19, 2008, The Washington Post featured this unique memorial.

On May 13, 1990, the Washington Post magazine notes that this powerful icon as being the next best thing to being there.

On June 1, 1990, The Daily Gleaner, a leading news organ from the country of Jamaica had a feature story entitled, “A Replica of Jamaica in concrete.

On November 7, 1990, a local PBS station, WHMM-TV, channel 32 presented a feature story of this fine replica.
It has also been profiled in video at the Smithsonian Institute and the Kennedy Center for the performing arts, in August of 1991 under the rubric of off the beaten path.

Weird Virginia, a book publisher with international syndication gave a generous write up in 2007.

The writer declared that the simulation of Jamaica in the Jamaica Gateway Garden is really unique and creative. It was beautiful to see such love for one’s homeland.

Jamaica has come in an enduring way to America, courtesy of the most creative genius of the Morgans.

The impact of this creative expression has been and will continue to be generational. In an age where attention matters, this replica has enduring impact. Having a positive view of Jamaica will continue to foster affirmative decisions to visit this luscious Island, and spur investments to the future health in the Morgan’s homeland.

If you have the privilege of experiencing this monument, take a moment and share your reflection.

Drop us a note at jamaicaintheusadc@gmail.com.

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Jamaica In the USA

If you have the privilege of experiencing this monument, take a moment and share your reflection.

Drop us a note at jamaicaintheusadc@gmail.com.
Thank you!