Among the best known are

Claude McKay (1890-1944),was one of the major literary figures in the Harlem Renaissance, publishing numerous novels, and poems including a masterpiece entitled, “If We Must Die.” Wilfred A. Domingo (1889-1968), was one of the prominent sociologist and journalist in the African American community for over fifty years. He was the first editor of Marcus Garvey’s The Negro World, 1915-1919.His writings appear in Alain Lock’s The New Negro; An Interpretation (1925).

Walter A. Roberts,(1886-1962),novelist, poet, historian, journalist and leading Black activist, helping to establish the Jamaican Progressive League in 1938.For decades, he was a leading voice for racial equality in America, Jamaica and wherever people of African ancestry resided. Joel A. Rogers,(1880-1966 ) Leading researcher, historian, activist and author of One Hundred Amazing Facts about the Negro , (1934 and 1957). Born in Negril, Jamaica he arrived in Chicago and afterwards New York City. His best known book was World’s Great Men of Color,first published in 1940 and many later editions.

During most of the twentieth century numerous first and second generation Jamaicans like other Caribbean immigrants made outstanding and far reaching contributions to the flourishing and progress of American society where they lived, were educated, and found their place within the American Civilization of the past and the present.
The following is a list of Some of the best known folk of Jamaican ancestry in the USA in various fields of endeavor over the last fifty years.

Some Academics

Some Actors and Activists

Some Business and Finance Experts.

Some contributing in present and recent American Politics.

Some Musicians

Some of the most successful athletes in American Sports

The Might of the Pen
  • Marcus Mosiah Garvey (1887-1940). Writer and newspaper publisher, Well-known activist. Published the newspaper Negro World and formed the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA). Was internationally influential through his writings and his speeches.
  • Claude McKay (1889-1948). Renowned poet, a part of the Harlem Renaissance with Langston Hughes and others. His poetry is in U.S. textbooks.
  • Lorna Goodison (1947- ). Outstanding professor emeritus of English at the University of Michigan. A poet who has won numerous awards for her books of poetry, her memoir Harvey River, set in Jamaica, is a major literary contribution
  • Marlon James (1970- ). Enjoying great popularity at present. Won the Booker Prize--first Jamaican to do so. His most famous book is A Brief History of Seven Killings.He has taught at U.S.colleges, including McAlester College in St. Paul Minnesota.
We thank Dr. Glenn O. Phillips, and Dr. Judith Nembhard for their contributions in profiling the impact of Jamaicans in the United States.